SCADA & Automation Division

The division has a extensive experience concerning the integration of process automations & SCADA solutions. Within the implemented projects, complex interfacing & automation solutions are achieved based on IT systems, software applications, specific communication systems and industrial equipment specific to fields of applications.

The direction followed is to offer “turnkey” solutions, starting sometimes from the feasibility study stage and reaching the maintenance stage for the systems implemented, our target is represented by the integration of the latest technologies available, keeping the main objective of improving the performance of the systems offered.

The engineering experience of the division covers various areas and technologies used for the implementation of the following applications:

  • SCADA systems
  • Special energy applications, DMS for electricity or PMS for gas networks
  • Custom solutions by developing software to meet individual requirements for each client
  • RTU/PLC Hardware and Software and dedicated communications
  • AMR and telemetry - systems for energy suppliers on geographically broad areas and multi-utility systems
  • BMS Applications (Building Management Systems)

The SCADA & Automation Division provides all the necessary know-how in order to use the full potential of our products in an optimal way.

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